QSE Gold Medal Carbs (MaltoDextrin) -- Natural, 10 lb
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Gold Medal Carbs contains Maltodextrin, a complex carbohydrate derived from corn. Technically considered a starch, Maltodextrin actually
contains a number of carbohydrate chains of varying lengths and absorption rates, including dextrose, maltose, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides. This carbohydrate profile offers a staggered release effect that allows for a more continuous carbohydrate supply.

Gold Medal Carbs has a very mild sweetness, but otherwise is almost tasteless. It can easily be added to water, fruit juice, a sport drink or
protein shake depending on your carbohydrate requirements.

INGREDIENTS: Maltodextrin, Yielding the following Glucose Polymers: Polysaccharides, Oligosaccharides, Dextrose, Maltose.

DIRECTIONS: For Adults, mix 1 scoop (50g) of Gold Medal Carbs into 250ml of water or the beverage of your choice and shake vigorously.
Consume 1 or 2 servings daily.